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Vad är Scientologi?

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L. Ron Hubbard
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Insurance Fraud and Patient Deaths
Scientology-published news journal investigates Prozac involvement in death of Princess Diana.

Drugs and Depression
Lead article: Depression and drugs – the true story: not a matter of health or disease, but of money. $40 billion fraud exposed.

Freedom magazine: 30th Anniversary
A review of 30 years of Freedom magazine: In the forefront of reform of government and mental health abuses, protecting the rights of people.

Investigative Reporting in the Public Interest
Reporting on alarming increase of anti-Semitism in Germany. How to guarantee religious and human rights for all Germans.

Freedom magazine: 25th Anniversary
Scientology-published news journal celebrates 25 years of investigative reporting in the public interest.

Psychiatry - Sabotaging Low Cost Health Insurance
Freedom magazine investigates how psychiatry betrays those seeking personal mental health recovery.

Psychiatry - The $400 Million Swindle in Canada
Are new psychiatric “disorders” created only for the money? News about a successful drug program and prison reform.

The Great Brain Injury Scam
Freedom magazine exposes psychiatry making billions of dollars off helpless victims of tragedy through the great brain injury scam.

Crime on the Internet
Scientology-published news journal - Freedom magazine - covers attacks against freedom of speech on the Internet.

The Internet: The Promise and the Perils
Freedom magazine - A Scientology-published news journal investigates the perils of the Internet. Using the Freedom of Information Act.

Abuse of Courts and the Law in the Electronic Age
Scientology-published news journal investigates abuse of the law in the electronic age of the Internet.

Fire on the Cross: Burning African-American Churches
Scientology Freedom magazine investigates government involvement in the burning of African-American churches.

Violent Crime Created by Drugs
Can a drug cause a child to kill? ADHD, fact or fiction; crime, violence and psychiatry - history and future.

Scientology in Clearwater: New Building Project
Articles: Video of new Church of Scientology building in Clearwater; Police and Fire Department applauded; David Miscavige gives speech.

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