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L. Ron Hubbard
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Kathy Peterson, a Scientologist Who Has the Tools For Living
Kathy talks about how Scientology technology has given her the tools to handle different situations in life. It makes life a lot less confusing and easier to live.

Randall Letellier, a Scientologist
Find out about Randall and his personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in Wisconsin. Find out what it has done for him and what it can do for you.

David Brier, a Scientologist With More Care for Others
David explains how through his studies of Dianetics and Scientology technology, he has found greater understanding and care for others.

Dianetics Extension Course
I decided to take the Dianetics Extension Course. I have received ‘100% Correct’ on all my lessons and have such a clear understanding of the mechanics of man’s trouble that I wish I would have done this simple course years ago.

A Scientologist Achieving His Goals
Gary Halverson achieved goals that would have been unbelievable prior to studying Scientology technology.

Helping Others with Scientology Spiritual Techniques
Before he was a Scientologist Dan knew of no way to truly help a person become more able. “Today, as a Scientologist, I make this happen every day.”

Scientology Technology Improved Communication Ability
Marion Carl states how Scientology technology improved his ability to communicate with others. “It also taught me I had more and greater abilities than I was lead to believe.”

JoAnn Trimberger, a Scientologist With Success
JoAnn talks about her success with Scientology technology.

Alan Carl, a Scientologist With a Better Understanding of Life
Scientology technology has given Alan Carl a higher purpose and greater understanding of life.

Self-Confidence now High through Scientology Spiritual Counseling
My personal self-confidence is extremely high due to Scientology training and spiritual counseling. I know as long as I persevere and continue to forge ahead that I will win.

Chad Adams, a Scientologist In Wisconsin
Find out about Chad and his personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in Wisconsin. Find out what it has done for him and what it can do for you.

Scientologist Rusty Sherlowsky Has Improved His Communication Skills
I have a great awareness of my abilities and a greater opportunity for happiness. I have improved my ability to confront and communicate with people on a day-to-day basis.

Personal Experience Shows Scientology Processes Work
I am a Scientologist because I personally found Scientology technology works.

Gary Wille, a Scientologist Who Can Communicate Better
I am more able to communicate with people.

Emily Trimberger, a Scientologist Living In A Brighter World
Emily shares her experiences about how Scientology spiritual counseling helped her to change her world to a brighter and happier place for her to be.

Spencer Meffert, Using Scientology Study Technology
My Scientology training has definitely helped me with study in school.

Colleen Grimm, a Scientologist Better Able to Communicate
I communicate with greater ease and I handle problems in life as they come along much better.

Judy Adams, a Scientologist Whose Life Improved
Judy describes that she first found out about the Scientology religion 10 years ago. Since that time her whole life has improved.

Ability to Handle Life Improved with Scientology Philosophy
Chad’s ability to confront and handle things in life before learning Scientology was technology, was not very good. He tells what he has gained from his studies.

Scientologist Katherine Kalmer From Wisconsin
Katherine shares what she gained from Scientology and Dianetics services.

Kenneth Braun, a Scientologist
I can relate to people much better and understand why they react the way they do. I don’t react to people’s misadventures like before.

Kenneth R. Sachtjen, a Scientologist From Wisconsin
Kenneth explains how Scientology technology literally saved his life.

Learning to Handle Difficult Situations
I was introduced to L. Ron Hubbard’s training technology, when I took an advanced course of communication skills. I learned to comfortably handle previously difficult situations with the other people without getting flustered myself.

Scientology Purification Program
The Purification Rundown (a Scientology program) allowed me to regain my physical stability, revitalized my energy and allowed me to clear my mind of many frozen negative thoughts.

Christopher Gilling Receives Scientology Spiritual Counseling
I have had Scientology spiritual counseling. I went through very rough periods in my life where I had no idea what was happening with me. I am certain and have no more of that feeling.

Success Using Scientology Communication Skills
Communication is my biggest success. I can communicate to people better - strangers, relatives, everyone.

Susan Rice, a Scientologist Who Can Handle Children
I learned how to effectively communicate with people, how to study anything and learned how to handle children and make it a lot easier to do so.

Thomas LeHouillier, a Scientologist From Wisconsin
At first I was curious, then my curiosity changed to ‘I want to see what’s next.’

Brad Webster, a Scientologist Who Can Communicate Better
Scientology courses have given me the training to be able to handle people, communicate better with others and be more assertive.

Applying L. Ron Hubbard Management Tools
I started applying basic L. Ron Hubbard’s management tools to my practice in 1994.

Vida Harley Bridges, a Scientologist in Wisconsin
Vida talks about how she has had success taking a Scientology Personal Efficiency course.

Steven Conway, a Scientologist Who Has Improved His Job
The knowledge I gained from L. Ron Hubbard’s courses allowed me to improve my job performance. It has helped those around me.

Steven Erceg, a Scientologist Has Success With the Technology
Steven’s successes with Scientology technology are numerous. The most outstanding one involved his relationship with his wife. Prior to learning Scientology technology they were often antagonistic and resentful towards each other.

Sherry Brier, a Scientologist Who Can Communicate Better
Scientology training has enabled me to communicate and truly help people on a daily basis with any obstacles they run into.

Scientologist Gordon Meffert Realizes He Can Make a Difference
Every time one uses or studies L. Ron Hubbard’s materials, he or she realizes that they can be ‘cause’ and can make a difference.

Wyatt Meffert, a Scientologist Uses Study Technology
I can help people understand words that they don’t understand now. It also helped me understand more things.

Kimberly S. Podoll, a Scientologist
Find out about Kimberley’s personal experiences with Scientology philosophy. See the groups she supports here in her personal web site, along with further information about the Scientology religion.

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