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Moving Forward Using Scientology Technology
With the simple information from L. Ron Hubbard books, I figured out that no matter what happens in life, you can move on, figure out a way to undo the mess and be better off.

Jordan Rock is Helped by Scientology Assists
I am an avid skateboarder and I probably wouldn’t be skateboarding due to various injuries if it weren’t for Scientology assists.

Connor Rock, a Young Scientologist Using Study Technology
When I have nightmares, my mom helps me out by using a special Scientology process, then I’m not afraid anymore. Now that I know how to study properly, I can understand what I read and I feel lots smarter.

Janet Petersen, a Scientologist Who Has the Tools to Handle Life
Before using Scientology technology Janet couldn’t handle troubles or difficulties that came up in life. “Now I have simple tools to handle upsets with people around me and not get upset myself.”

More Aware of my Surroundings with Scientology Training
David has greater ability to observe the present-time environment. Before using Scientology technology he was very introverted.

Jan Bush, a Scientologist in Utah
Jan talks about how wonderful it has been to be able to be more “there” when someone is talking to her as a result of various things she has learned from Scientology technology.

Scientologist Gloria Kimbal Learned to Express Herself
This helped me with my communication first. I started expressing myself at work and sharing my ideas.

Mitch Kimbal, Finds it Very Easy to Succeed
I went from being an upset, argumentative, mean person to being a likable, friendly, successful person who finds it is very easy to succeed at whatever I choose to do.

Scientologist Shaun Passey Uses Study Technology
Shaun discusses how, in a short time, Scientology technology has helped him in all parts of his life, especially in school.

Martha Eenkhoorn, a Scientologist Who Can Now Confront
Martha mentions that one of her favorite Scientology courses is the communication course. “After that, I could easily and comfortably communicate to anyone.”

Scientologist Bob Eenkhoorn Can Now Communicate With Anyone
Bob talks about the Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course. “Now I can communicate with anyone in any situation.”

Evelyn S. Reed, a Scientologist Whose Illnesses are Gone
Evelyn tells how much better she feels since receiving Scientology spiritual counseling.

Phillip Erle Parke, a Scientologist From Utah
Find out about Phillip Erle and his personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in Utah.

Scientologist Jay Keel Has Increased His Awareness
Since I’ve started using LRH’s technology, my ability to communicate has greatly increased and also my awareness of things going on around me.

Scientologist Carma Uses Scientology Technology to Help Her Daughter
Carma Distefano tells how Scientology technology has helped her with her daughter. “She has disabilities, and because of my auditing and my training the quality of her life has increased dramatically.”

Scientologist Jeremy Petersen Can Now Communicate More
Jeremy’s success in Scientology is that he can communicate a considerable amount more.

Cyndy Wright, Handling Relationships
I have come to understand the components of life so that I can deal effectively in my relationships and undertakings.

Holly Gordon, a Scientologist Who Has Had Many Successes
I have really had so many successes in many areas of my life thanks to L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

Kevin Woolstenhulme, a Scientologist Who Finds Answers
Kevin talks about how Scientology technology has answered questions about himself and life that he hasn’t found answered anywhere else.

Audrey Twede, a Scientologist, Can Make Things Better
I aim to make things better in any situation or group I’m connected with, and I always find ways to do that using Scientology technology.

Scientologist Calvin E. Christensen Gets Introductory Auditing
When I read my first Scientology book my thirst for more understanding became a demand for more knowledge. I immediately signed up for some introductory auditing, to see if it worked.

Scientologist Gary Rock Can Take Care of Problems
Gary talks about how Scientology technology has made a very big difference in his life. “It has made it so I can take care of problems that can come up.”

Karen M. Brown, a Scientologist in Utah
Karen Mentions that the Scientology technology has changed her life. “It is the best thing I have ever done.”

Lisa Pudlewski Uses Scientology Study Technology
Lisa’s testimonial, “L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology is awesome.”

Michelle Uses Scientology Technology to Help Her in Life
Michelle Cummings talks about how Scientology technology has helped her in every area of her life. “My singing is more relaxed and free; I’m able to produce more at work.”

Scientologist Mike Roylance
Mike is doing so much better in life since taking Scientology courses.

Ray Lauritzen, a Scientologist Who Has Learned About Life
Ray discusses how he has learned about life through Scientology technology. “By applying the materials that I have studied, I find I am very successful.”

Rex Bush, a Scientologist Whose Ability Has Improved Greatly
Scientology technology helped Rex deal with situations in his professional and family life. It also helped him do much better in his practice due to greatly improved ability.

Rob Magiera, a Scientologist Who Uses Scientology Technology
People I know think I’m lucky, naturally gifted with a talent, etc. The truth is I’m a Scientologist who knows and understands why things happen as they do in life and as a result I can make them go the way I want them to. That’s the magic.

Sandra Lucas, a Scientologist With Many Successes
Sandra tells of her many successes with the Scientology technology.

Serra Ann Dryer has Gained much from Scientology Technology
Serra shares what she has gained from Scientology Technology.

Stephen Wesson, a Scientologist Who Uses Communication Skills
I use the communication skills I have gained constantly.

David Bryan Rock, a Scientologist Who Uses Study Technology
My wife and I in 1994 put our children in a private school which uses Scientology’s Study methods. Our children have increased in reading incredibly.

Dell Steed, a Scientologist From Utah
Well, the world looks different now. It’s like having a tall man in front of you at the theater, then changing seats and being able to see the full screen.

Gary Lee, a Scientologist Who Has The Tools to Survive
This technology gives you the basic tools that you need to survive, and not to just survive but prosper as well.

Elham Halabi, a Scientologist Whose Awareness Level is Up
Elham tells how Scientology technology has helped her communicate better in the business world as well as in her social life. “And my awareness level has really come up too.”

Scientologist Linda Ash Bornstein Does the Purification Program
Linda talks about her favorite experience with the Scientology “Purification Rundown”.

Bill Took a Scientology Course That Changed His Life Forever
Bill Good tells how he has been a Scientologist since 1971. “Not long after I became involved, I took a course that changed my life forever.”

Michael J. Wright, a Scientologist For 23 Years
Michael decided one day to look into the Scientology religion to see if it could help him. Well that was over 23 years ago!

Jennifer Alexis Good, a Scientologist who found Answers
My parents are both Scientologists as are my brother, his wife and my sister.” Jennifer’s biggest win with Scientology technology was finding the answer to the age-old question ‘who am I?’

Scientologist Cynthia Hale Uses Study Technology
Cynthia talks about how Scientology services helped her become an honor student. Several years ago, she went back to school to complete her undergraduate degree.

Julia Wright, a Scientologist Who Has Overcome Problems
Using the technology of L. Ron Hubbard has helped me to overcome problems I have had with being around other people.

Lynette Neslen, a Scientologist Who Has Had Many Successes
Lynette has had many successes using Scientology technology in her Life. “It has helped me mend relationships.”

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