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Vad är Scientologi?

Scientologin: Dess bakgrund och ursprung
Scientologins: principer och till?pning
Scientologins tj?ster
Kaplan- och pastorstj?ster samt Scientologins etik- och r?tssystem
Scientologins effektivitet
Scientologi-kyrkorna och deras versamhet
Sociala Reformer
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)
Samh?lsf?b?trande verksamhet
Fakta om Scientologin och dess expansion
En katekes f? Scientologin
L. Ron Hubbard
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Scientology Technology can Raise IQ
James Sheer’s IQ increased significantly, it went from 122 to 144 when he took a Scientology course.

Ugo Moi, a Scientologist Able to Rise Above his Problems
Ugo checked into this new science in Italy called the Dianetics technology and after one hour he was able to remember a lot of his past. He was able to rise above his problems.

Larry Lewyn Receives Dianetics Counseling
I had quick results from my Dianetics counseling and realized that here was a workable method of handling stress and anxiety. The progress I have made has been extraordinary.

Scientologist Fred Oesterreicher’s Faith in Man
Fred talks about how now that he’s found the Scientology technology his faith in man has improved a hundred fold.

Kaye Romeo Uses the Scientology Technology to Raise her Children
Kaye describes how the Scientology technology helped her raise her family to be sane, productive and happy.

Brad Roach, a Scientologist in Oklahoma
Brad explains how the Scientology technology and Christianity can work together to make life more understandable and livable.

Scientology Spiritual Counseling Changed my Life I happened to come into contact with a Scientology organization in Boston and received some Scientology spiritual counseling there which completely changed my life.

Scientologist John Garnett Austin’s Drug Rehabilitation
Without L. Ron Hubbard’s drug rehabilitation technology I would probably be dead by now from drug abuse.

Scientologist Stephen P. Jones Discovers a Reason for Ethics
Before the Scientology technology, Stephen Jones saw no reason to have ethics. “I had let the materialists convince me there was no God or spirit.”

Scientologist Gary W. Smith is no Longer Confused about Life
Before getting involved with the Scientology technology, I was very confused about life. I had been addicted to heroin for 13 years and no matter what I did, I could not seem to get off it.

Francoise Hooks Applies the Scientology Technology
Francoise describes how for her, the Scientology technology is applicable knowledge. “It is not something that I just know about.”

Scientologist Anne Friedland Discovers Life After Drugs
I myself have found out that there is life after drugs. And I hope that everybody on the planet is able to discover that also.

Micheal Dustin Parrett, a Scientologist
Find out about Micheal Dustin and his personal experiences with the Scientology church in Oklahoma. Find out what Scientology philosophy has done for him and what it can do for you.

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