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Scientologist Tim Holcomb is Now Better At Communicating
I am better at communicating with others no matter the type of individual or the content of conversation or the circumstance. It’s easy now starting a conversation and getting along with others.

Thomas Goedeke, a Scientologist
Find out about Thomas and his personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in North Carolina. Find out what Scientology philosophy has done for him and what it can do for you.

Scientologist Fred Katz Does a Communication Course
Fred talks about how the Scientology technology was the answer. “I went into New York City to check it out. I took a basic communication course. Almost immediately my confront of my surroundings and other people increased.”

David Ohlin, a Scientologist Who Better Understands Others
David mentions how the Scientology technology has helped him to understand more about himself and others.

Bob Becket Uses the Scientology Technology to Get Off Drugs
Bob discusses how he used the Scientology technology to get off drugs permanently (including alcohol), increase his IQ and attain certainty as a spiritual being, not a body or a brain.

Success After Success Applying Scientology Principles
David speaks of his experiences with the Scientology technology, and says there has been success after success - physically and spiritually.

Using L. Ron Hubbard’s Methods to Improve Artistic Skills
A friend gave me L. Ron Hubbard’s material on art and I knew then that I had found what I needed. For the first time, I knew what I wanted to accomplish with my music and how I was going to do it.

The Purification Rundown and Scientology Drug Rundown
After my Purification program and my Scientology Drug counseling, a new life of happiness and prosperity opened up for me.

Scientologist Tonya James is Better Able to Communicate
I was able to study, listen and understand better what people are saying to me, and communicate with others. This also brought my grades up in school.

Scientologist Madison Williams Uses the Study Technology
One of my best successes was when I couldn’t do my writing homework. Then I remembered to look up all my words in the dictionary as I learned in my course, and it suddenly was easy.

Dr. Jim Gill, a Scientologist From North Carolina
Dr. Jim Gill describes how the Scientology technology has helped him to be the parent, husband, employer and professional that he always wanted to be.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Successful Business Technology
I have a successful business due to L. Ron Hubbard’s business technology. I have better relations with my family and friends.

Scientologist Brad Dilger has Handled his Drug Problem
I have handled my drug problem. This has made me a better family member and a much more creative and productive person.

Scientologist Harold E. Jackson Handled his Anger
Harold’s biggest success was using the Scientology technology to handle anger. Through Scientology auditing he found why and what caused him to be angry; which helped him with his employees and family.

Scientologist Karl M. Rood Knows which People can be Trusted
Karl took some basic courses and learned why individuals behave the way they do, to predict how people will react to different conditions and how to recognize people that can be trusted.

Lynn Peters, a Scientologist Who is Helping Others
There are many people living today without drug and alcohol problems, depressing grief and other life-inhibiting aspects because Lynn has helped them with the Dianetics and Scientology technology.

Pam Bryant, a Scientologist who Repaired her Eye Sight
After receiving Scientology spiritual counseling and completing courses I have not had to wear glasses.

Scientologist Brian Keith James has Better Memory
Through one of the courses I took, it helped me concentrate on the most important element of communication. Now I also have a better memory.

Scientologist Alan James’ More Exciting Life
Alan talks about how after studying the Scientology technology, he’s found that people are easier to understand and predict. “Life in general is more exciting.”

Vicki Gill’s Introductory Scientology Spiritual Counseling
I decided to do some introductory Scientology spiritual counseling in Orange County, California.

Scientologist William T. Crist is Increasing Statistics
William talks about how the Scientology technology has enabled him to stabilize his business and increase their statistics. “As I continue to learn, I continue to get better at handling day to day activities.”

Barry L. Dutton has Success with the Scientology Technology
Barry’s greatest success with the Scientology technology is just realizing that it is good common sense. There is no mysticism here, just a roadmap of how to have better control of your own emotions, and how to deal more effectively with others.

Scientologist Terry Raede Receives Dianetics Counseling
One of my biggest successes as a Scientologist came when I was receiving Dianetics counseling.

Another Scientologist Having Continued Success
I’ve had success after success in clearing away the barriers in my past that have been blocking the road to freedom in the greatest adventure there ever was, the adventure of life.

Scientologist Jim Shearer has the Truths to Solve the Insanity
Jim talks about the truths of the Scientology technology that are available to everyone. They cut across all racial and religious differences. These truths solve the insanity that infects our lives and so gives hope.

Mary Kingery took a Scientology Course in Communication
Mary has been a Scientologist for about 8 years now. During that time, she’s had numerous personal gains including a greatly enhanced ability to communicate with others.

Using the Scientology Technology for a Better Life
Hector talks about how the Scientology technology has given him back a hope for a better life and better well being. “Now I can help myself and help others to have a better life.”

Spencer Gill, a Scientologist for 3 Years
Spencer is 11 years old and has been taking some Scientology courses for the last 3 years.

Bob Heybrock, a Scientologist Improving his Ability
Bob became a Scientologist in order to improve his ability to run his auto-repair business. “Since then I have applied what I learned to all aspects of my life and realized improvement in them as well.”

A Scientologist now More Tolerant of Others
Liz talks about how the Scientology technology has taught her to become more tolerant of others.

Jae Williams has Communication Skills to Make Life Easier
I have been a Scientologist since 1976. The first course that I took was a basic communication course and then several other basic Scientology courses after that, which made my life much easier to manage.

Sally Abril’s Communication Improved Dramatically
Sally has used Scientology methods to improve every aspect of her life since 1977. “The first few courses I took dramatically improved my ability to communicate with others, and to understand others.”

Scientologist Tim Long is Able to Think More Clearly
I have improved in many ways. I am able to think more clearly, understand and get along better with others, and life in general is more fun and interesting than before.

Selena Henderson, a Scientologist
Find out about Selena and her personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in North Carolina. Find out what Scientology philosophy has done for her and what it can do for you.

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