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Karen Bernath’s Personal Experiences as a Scientologist
Find out about Karen and her personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in New Mexico. Find out what Scientology philosophy has done for her and what it can do for you.

Kevin Furlin Helps Others with Scientology Spiritual Counseling
I’ve been personally counseling people with Scientology techniques for over 17 years. In that time there have been so many wins for the people that I’ve worked with that I couldn’t even begin to list them here.

David Crew, a Scientologist from New Mexico
Every day — miracles happen. The application of L. Ron Hubbard’s technology to the lives of kids whose lives have been messed up by drugs, gangs and psychiatrists is perhaps the most rewarding thing I can think of doing.

Using the Scientology Technology, Lance Found Answers
Lance talks about how if he had not found Scientology technology, he doubts if he would be alive today. All the answers to the questions he ever had about life he has found in Scientology technology.

Using Scientology Principles to Survive
Ruthane Crew mentions the Scientology technology has given her the technology to handle her life in a survival fashion.

Howard Helped Thousands Using the Scientology Technology
Howard Shube mentions how he became a Scientologist in late 1969, and spent the next 18 years working full time for the Scientology church. “They were the most rewarding and fulfilling years of my life.”

The Scientology Technology Bringing Families Together
The Scientology technology has brought Trevor’s family together again by using L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

Janie Hanks’ Rising Emotional Level Through Scientology Courses
I have achieved a consistent and rising emotional level through Scientology courses and spiritual counseling.

Patrick M. Hulce Jr., a Scientologist
Patrick talks about how through using Scientology technology, he really found out why he did what he did, and what he has to do.

Karen Gullette, a Scientologist Free from Fear
The technology provided by L. Ron Hubbard gives us all a way to become stronger and more courageous, free from fears and tears, and through its use, we can create a stronger world of unity and peace.

Scientologist Paul Gullett Helps Others
I have used what I’ve learned to help hundreds of others. Currently I’m involved with a private boarding school for teens. This has given me a huge sense of accomplishment providing real help to those who need it.

Scientologist Marian L. Geibel Learns how to Study
From courses on how to study, I have found that by applying it to whatever I study, I can learn to do a lot of things that I would not have otherwise known how to do.

Scientologist Eugene Van Dever Gets His Questions Answered
With one book, all my questions were answered, including some I never thought to ask.

Buffy Dakan, a Happy and Active Scientologist
I started taking courses and it was great. I am now very happy and active and I know what I am capable of as an individual.

Scientologist Derek Dakan, Achieving his Goals
Derek talks about how with Scientology technology he is able to achieve the things he wants to in his life.

Sherry Faust Gets Scientology Spiritual Counseling
My college roommate called and said, “That’s it. You’re coming with me.” She picked me up and took me to her home where I met my first Scientology auditor. From that day forward, I have never looked back.

Scientologist Julia Dunn Can Now Communicate With Others
Julia talks about how Scientology technology has helped her communicate with others. “Like at the beach I met a girl Nicole and I was able to communicate with her and I could talk to her easily.”

David Rivera, a Scientologist
David Rivera shares his success story about using Scientology principles.

Mark Uses the Scientology Technology to Help Youth
Mark Petersen talks about how the Scientology technology has helped him to counsel youth efficiently, so their lives are turned around and they become productive members of society.

Scientologist David Lloyd Stewart Learns to Communicate
David mentions how he has been a Scientologist since 1977, when he took his first course in communication.

Scientologist Rand Stewart Raises his IQ
Rand talks about how Scientology technology can raise your IQ. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because it works, and I am living proof of it.”

Mark Savage, a Scientologist From New Mexico
I read many self-help books and tried various methods that were supposed to bring about a higher level of awareness and ability.

Glenn Dieckman, a Scientologist For 30 Years
I have been a Scientologist for 30 years. The data I have acquired during those years has enabled me to run my life in a stable and sane manner.

Johanna Cash, a Scientologist Shifting Her Life
Johanna talks about how from the first day she started using the Scientology technology her life began to change. “The reason my life started shifting is because I started shifting.”

John Stockman Uses the Scientology Philosophy in Everyday Life
The Scientology philosophy is one that I actually use in my everyday life to pursue my goals, enhance my life, and just makes me an overall well rounded person.

Lisa Larsen, a Scientologist in Better Control of her Life
I took the course “Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life”, and the information in there really made sense to me. It helped me understand that I can have more and better control in my life.

June Ervin, a Scientologist in New Mexico
I have had many wonderful experiences since becoming a Scientologist. Because much of my life is devoted to my work and I represent several people in their financial status, it is very important that I do my job well.

Scientologist Lee Geer Gained Knowledge in Raising Children
One of the most important things I’ve gained from Scientology is the attitude and knowledge in raising children.

The Scientology Technology Worked for Greg Doty
Greg talks about how he woke up in the middle of his second divorce, broke and in a funk that just kept on going. He gave the Scientology technology a shot and without huge detail: it worked. He’s winning in life.

Ms. Bo Lewis, a Scientologist Realizes she is a Spiritual Being
I took a course called the Personal Efficiency course which has helped me realize that I am a spiritual being and not my mind or my body — that I have control over my mind and body.

Claudia can Solve Problems With the Scientology Technology
Claudia Avina discusses how the Scientology technology has helped her a good deal. For example, when she has a problem, she knows that she can sort it out with the Scientology technology.

Johnny Gabaldon, a Scientologist Helping Others
The most important thing that I have learned so far is that life is not about self-help — it’s about helping others - not just my survival but the survival of others is the important thing.

Scientologist Dorothy Now Understands What is Happening to her
Dorothy J. Butler talks about how before the Scientology technology she was frustrated, depressed, and angry most of the time. “I didn’t understand what was happening to me.”

Billy Butler, Applying Scientology to his Life
The more I read books and applied what I learned about life, the more I learned to enjoy it and know that all goals, dreams and desires can come true and that all your barriers can be resolved.

Joan Douglas, a Scientologist for 26 Years
I have been in Scientology for 26 years. I have always known that the truth about life and livingness was just around the corner.

Kathleen Sewall Uses the Scientology Technology in Life
Kathleen has found that everything she has learned about the Scientology technology can be used whatever you do in life. Whatever you do there is a technology to handle it.

Harold R. Hartman, as a Scientologist Things go Better
Harold became a Scientologist at a time when he lost his belief in the fact that life was fair. As time goes by, and he learns and does more with the Scientology technology, he realizes that things just go better.

Richard Anderson, a Scientologist from New Mexico
Richard uses the Dianetics and Scientology principles with great success.

Kathleen (Kathy) K. Barlow, a Scientologist in New Mexico
I have had so many successes since becoming a Scientologist, that it makes it hard to single any one out. I have stopped my downward spiral into oblivion.

Jo Ann Vigil Conrady, a Scientologist who Now Succeeds in Life
I don’t have to fall prey to the psychiatrist and I don’t have to drug-out my pain, because I have the technology of Scientology and the service of wonderful staff in Albuquerque. I instead WIN in life.

Scientologist Kay Minor’s Family’s Lives are Better
Kay talks about how the Scientology technology has changed her life in ways too numerous to go into. “It has also changed my family’s lives for the better.”

Dr. Kate McDonough, a More Successful Scientologist
Dr. Kate sees the Scientology technology as a way of developing some very basic skills that have made her more successful both personally and professionally.

Jonathan Medlock does the Scientology Purification Program
I did the Purification Program and I think it was pretty cool when the toxins came out. So I knew it was working.

Scientologist David Glenn Leads a Drug-Free Life
I’ve been able to live a life free of the harmful effects of drugs and know I’ll be able to achieve goals much higher than I thought I could.

Jeffery McCall, Using Scientology Study Technology
Jeffery talks about how the Scientology technology has helped him to have better communication and better dictionary skills for him. “It has made me study better too.”

Scientologist Mary T. Roeschke had Realizations from Training
“Because of realizations reached in training and processing, I have been able to communicate with my body and other beings, the environment, etc. to have a fully happy life.”

Scientologist Sherrie L. Zieve Receives Life Repair Auditing
Sherrie talks about how she received the Life Repair Auditing (a type of Scientology spiritual counseling) and improved her life.

Scientologist Colton Stewart Learns how to Study
One of my successes is that I am able to study successfully and with confidence, and be able to help other people and myself as well.

Scientologist James Isaac Smiley is Now a Better Student
Since James became a Scientologist he has been a better student and it has helped with his communication.

Glenn R. Karlin, a Scientologist in New Mexico
Glenn’s success with the Scientology technology was just getting it. “When I started reading L. Ron Hubbard’s materials, I realized that I could use the information I learned to help me in life.”

Scientologist Ross A. Hulett Helps Children
Ross talks about how he’s had wins using what he has learned about the Scientology technology to help children who were in the middle of an upset or a disturbance.

Scientologist Ric Shube Found a Purpose in Life
Ric talks about how when he was first introduced to the Scientology technology in 1971 he was a rather shy introverted person who was attending college with no particular purpose in life.

Scientologist Dale Medford Uses Study Technology
After being introduced to the Scientology technology Dale returned to college, successfully completed the Student Hat study course and he graduated with honors. The difference was the Scientology Student Hat study course.

Dennis O’Brien Sr., a Scientologist in New Mexico
Through the use and application of Scientology technology, I was able to eliminate the effects of prejudices and have fun.

Scientologist Carol Dunn Achieved Peace and Happiness
Carol talks about how the Scientology technology has helped her in many ways to be in control of her life. “I have personally achieved a peace and happiness that I never thought possible.”

Scientologist Jason C. Varon does the Purification Program
Jason talks about his Purification Program. “My thoughts felt clear and crisp. I was able to sleep better, and concentration and involvement in life improved.”

Scientologist Sean McCall has a Better Understanding of People
Sean talks about how his success with the Scientology technology has been the understanding of people in his day to day living.

Rigel Hulett Received Scientology Spiritual Counseling
I learned about L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology, the ethics technology and even received Scientology spiritual counseling. Now I am very happily married and I have a great relationship (which I never had before).

Scientologist John L. Vitez Jr. Understands Others
John talks about how the Scientology technology has helped him understand others and himself better. The Scientology technology has also helped him understand those things in life that he found unclear.

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