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Vad är Scientologi?

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L. Ron Hubbard
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Steven Etter, a Scientologist
In the past six months I have changed from a person who was almost always angry and unhappy to a being who is comfortable with who I am and what I am doing in life. I am now in charge of my life and the world around me.

Larry Byrnes, a Scientologist
So there is hope after all and the future looks very bright indeed. How bright? Contact me anytime and I will be happy to try to answer that question.

Pat Parker Smith, a Scientologist
Pat discusses how with Scientology technology you learn the reason people behave the way they do and now that makes it easier to handle people in day to day situations.

Kevin Ellinwood, a Scientologist
Kevin mentions that with Dianetics and Scientology technology, he found the answers to the riddles of existence in a scientific, yet simple and easy to understand form; and these answers were complete.

Pam Ganley, a Scientologist
“I have attained a better understanding of myself and others.” Pam talks about how Scientology technology enabled her to re-establish a relationship with a family member that she hadn’t been in communication with for over 25 years.

Doug Forsythe, a Scientologist
Happiness was made possible by Scientology principles that I applied to my life. And, best of all, it was not hard, but fun.

Brian Smith, a Scientologist
Brian knew there must be more to life, and he found out that he was right. There is more to life. The answers to all his questions he found by studying Scientology technology.

Denise Romanello, a Scientologist
Denise tells that her success with Scientology technology has been an improved ability to communicate with those around her. “I also feel my responsibility level has risen.”

Jessica Byrnes, a Scientologist
Jessica mention how she would be nowhere without Scientology technology.

Joanne Forsythe, a Scientologist
Joanne mentions that she is a Christian who was introduced to Scientology technology five years ago. “I have received Dianetics and Scientology auditing (Scientology Spiritual Counseling) as well as completed some training courses.”

Peter Visaggio, a Scientologist
Peter talks about how Scientology technology has given him, his family and his life back. “I was asleep for a long time, I just went through motions of life.”

Taylor Covington, a Scientologist
Taylor discusses how he’s been a Scientologist his whole life and it’s helped him a lot. He doesn’t know one thing that hasn’t been helped by Scientology technology.

Fredrick Haven Oxaal, a Scientologist
Fredrick is considered by almost everyone he meets to be warm, dynamic, outgoing and vital. Above all, he’s gained an ability to help others - family, friends and strangers alike. He thanks Scientology technology for that.

Dan Sewall, a Scientologist
Learning what keeps people from being able to learn something and knowing that I can help them overcome that, so they can learn a subject and make gains in life, has been very rewarding for me.

Andrew Cowenhoven, a Scientologist
Andrew mentions how you may have heard this said by other Scientologists: ‘Scientology technology saved my life.’ “A dramatic statement that also happens to be true in my case.”

Linda Meder Daly, a Scientologist
How has L. Ron Hubbard and his tech helped me? Well, let me tell you.

Elizabeth McCoy, a Scientologist
I had a real phobia about marriage and had sworn that I never would get married. After Dianetics auditing, I realized the source of this phobia, and have now been very happily married for nearly 8 years.

Steve Ganley, a Scientologist
Steve talks about how Scientology technology gives him a place to go where he can get better. “Generally and overall I have gotten better and will continue to do so.”

Jackie Guay, a Scientologist
“I have found the answers.” Jackie talks about how Scientology technology clarified her life and gave her tools to handle life and her family. It gave her a bigger purpose in life.

Fred Hall, a Scientologist
Fred mentions there are many different areas that have improved in his life since he has been Scientology trained and received spiritual counseling (auditing).

Jay Koutavas, a Scientologist
Jay mentions that studying Scientology technology has given him vital insight towards surviving and prospering in life. “Applying Scientology principles has allowed me to effectively help my friends and family.”

Michele Bousquet, a Scientologist
I am better able to confront problems.

Erik P. Meyer, a Scientologist
Find out about Erik P. and his personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in New Hampshire. Find out what Scientology philosophy has done for him and what it can do for you.

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