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Raymond Edgerton, a Scientologist
Raymond talks about how he has been a Scientologist for 3 years now and he has done a few courses and read a few books. What he really likes about Scientology technology is that when you apply it, it works.

Patty Lee Vroman, a Scientologist
Patty explains how Scientology and Dianetics technology restored innate capabilities and creativity that she ‘vaguely’ thought she had.

Houston E. Hancock, a Scientologist
I came into the Scientology religion to resolve questions I had about myself, the mind, and the spirit. With the technology of L. Ron Hubbard, I've answered my questions and enjoy being an artist.

Narita Austin, a Scientologist
After each spiritual counseling session, life got better and better for me. My awareness of things increased tremendously and I could see things more clearly, as they should be seen.

Tommy R. Worsley, a Scientologist
I was first impressed with the friendliness of all the Scientologists that I had contact with.

Ken Spliethof, a Scientologist
Life is a game and I am a player. It takes work. You have to want more for yourself. The Scientology technology is not something you think about, it’s something you understand and use.

Dennis Chick, a Scientologist
I’d like to tell you a little bit about the successes I have had using Scientology principles in my life.

Ken Abramowitz, a Scientologist
Since becoming a Scientologist, my personal and professional life has improved tremendously. My business continues to grow, as do my relationships with my wife and child.

Jeana Wood, a Scientologist
Areas of my life which I had previously become very complacent about and lost any sense of direction in have taken incredible new turns.

Michelle Hyde, a Scientologist
Michelle kicked around through life looking for answers to life’s problems. She found her search very frustrating and somewhat hopeless until she found the Scientology religion.

Daniela Di Palma, a Scientologist
Daniela’s personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in Maryland are described herein. She now leads a happier life and is able to help those around her.

Emily Walet, a Scientologist
Emily talks about how when she became a Scientologist she was terrible at communication and afraid of others. “Now I’m great at communication and love others.”

Vicki West, a Scientologist
Vicki mentions how before she became a Scientologist, she was lost, confused, and felt misunderstood by almost everyone. “I wasn’t handling life very well and at times was so depressed, I didn’t think I could go on.”

George Jonic, a Scientologist
George talks about how he has used Scientology technology to improve his life with his family and in his personal career. “I have experienced that when I am receiving auditing, my life improves on all levels without doing anything else.”

Jasmine Irven, a Scientologist
Jasmine discusses how Scientology technology has helped her in school and in everyday life. “Scientology principles help you deal with work, school and many more things.”

Janet E. DeSimone, a Scientologist
Janet talks about how she uses Scientology technology in every aspect of her life and has since 1974. “There is no area that is a problem.”

Grant Cochran, a Scientologist
Grant discusses how Scientology technology gives him the tools to do something about life here and now.

William J. Coolidge, a Scientologist
William talks about how because of Scientology technology he is now able to love himself.

Brian Lortie, a Scientologist
When I was 18 years old, I was doing drugs. As a direct result of doing the Communications Course, I got off drugs and never took them again.

Amy Smith, a Scientologist
Now that I’ve done the Scientology Personal Efficiency Course I don’t get angry as much with people when I run into communication difficulty. This is because I now understand people.

Carie Jones, a Scientologist
Carie talks about how Scientology technology is really helping her in life by teaching her how to communicate with others in a more profound way. “I learned through practice how to increase my skills.”

Beth Cryer, a Scientologist
Beth mentions how Scientology technology helped her recognize the good things in herself. “I’m much more capable, I have a knowingness that my life will not be going down the spiral.”

Mark Blankenship, a Scientologist
The technology about suppression has opened my eyes. I know how to handle people and situations using Scientology technology and I am actually living life instead of it controlling me.

Buddy Riley, a Scientologist
Buddy talks about how he became a Scientologist in 1967 and his life started improving. “My first course was a communication course and it helped me to communicate much better.”

Cathy Nickalo, a Scientologist
After taking the Personal Efficiency Course, I realized I had my personal priorities in the wrong order. After I put them in order, things started going smoother in my life.

Lucas Balberchak, a Scientologist
Lucas talks about how Scientology technology continues to change and improve his life for the better.

Gib Campion, a Scientologist
Gib discusses how Scientology technology gives you the skills and know-how to enjoy life, to look forward to change and the betterment of life.

Natalie Leona Walet, a Scientologist
Natalie describes how she is a young person but with Scientology technology she has learned how to help her friends handle their fights and disagreements. She is able to help other kids in her school and have lots of friends.

Woodrow M. Wilson, a Scientologist
I started with Dianetics counseling, and then I did the Purification Program. I’d had severe allergies to pollen, etc., and this went completely away on the Purification Program.

Cindy Lortie, a Scientologist
The information contained in these courses can be applied in life immediately from improving relationships with others, raising children, communicating better, handling work easier to managing finances successfully.

Gregg West, a Scientologist
Gregg talks about how his success with Scientology technology is increased awareness of his surroundings and everything in the environment. “I enjoy life tremendously.”

Rebecca Thatcher-Eisenhour, a Scientologist
No counseling ever gave me more than a moment’s release until I found the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Dale R. Rosenkranz, a Scientologist
Dale has been able to increase his ability in every facet of his life. He can communicate better and more effectively with people. When he runs into problems, he can understand them, dissect them and solve them.

Jennifer Brown, a Scientologist
Jennifer talks about how Dianetics and Scientology technology has provided very useful tools that have helped her in life. “Without their use or knowledge of them I’m sure I would be lost.”

Candi Irven, a Scientologist
Candi discusses how she is a better person due to what she has learned in the course of taking Scientology courses and receiving spiritual counseling.

Sharon Turish, a Scientologist
Sharon mentions how she uses the knowledge she has gained with Scientology technology on communication and study technology to really get her message across in class.

Norman Powell, a Scientologist
Norman talks about how Scientology technology has provided him stable data to think with across the full spectrum of life. “There is nothing comparable on the planet.”

David R. Smith, a Scientologist
David describes how Scientology technology gave him the personal ability and drive to work daily mastering this most difficult and demanding of all art forms.

Michael Hancock, a Scientologist
I decided that the only way to find out about something is to do it, not just think about it. I did a Scientology course and ended up discovering more about myself and others than I had in all my life. I have never looked back.

Arthur Sweeney, a Scientologist
I have greatly improved my ability to meet new people and master new studies.

Bob Everhart, a Scientologist
“I like helping people.” Bob talks about how Scientology technology gives him the opportunity to help others.

Nicholas Papaheraklis, a Scientologist
Nicholas uses Scientology principles successfully in his life everyday.

Herb Hunter, a Scientologist
Herb mentions how Scientology technology assisted him to make his personal ethics a priority in his life.

George Keenan, a Scientologist
George talks about how as a result of what he has learned with Scientology technology he is much better at communicating than he was. “I know that communication is the way to solve problems.”

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