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Trudy Hogue, an Ethical Teenager
Trudy mentions that thanks to Scientology and Dianetics technologies she has become one of the more ethical teenagers in this society.

No More Worries
I stopped worrying about my own problems and starting really being able to help my friends out. Now, I even do drug education with children in elementary schools, am a successful film maker and really love my life.

As a Scientologist You Don’t Have to Settle for Less
I have learned that I don’t have to settle for what life throws at me. I no longer believe that my life is limited to what others think it should be. I have gained a certain freedom.

Damian Dornier, a Scientologist
Damian mentions how the Scientology religion has improved all areas of his life and it has helped a chronic ulcer condition also. “My relationships with friends and family have changed for the better and my happiness has increased.”

Lily Singh, on the Goal of Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy
The goal of this technology is to focus on issues that are central and basic to our leading a generally and spiritually successful life.

Ronit S. Adi, Appreciates What he&@146;s Gained from his Scientology Studies
I work hard, produce a lot, and contribute in many areas of life — staying very happy and even-tempered. I have one of the happiest families that I know of — this is because of my use of Scientology Technology.

Rebecca Kleinpeter, a Scientologist
Find out about Rebecca and her personal experiences with Scientology philosophy in Louisiana. Find out what it has done for her and what it can do for you.

Carl Gonsoulin, on Security and Certainty
Carl talks about how the Scientology religion has given him a sense of personal security and certainty he never had before or never thought was possible.

Michael Toucheck, Used Scientology Technique to Improve his Marriage
Michael mentions that before improving their marriage with Scientology technology they didn’t really want to have children but they changed their view of that and now have two beautiful daughters.

Jeffrey Soniat, on his Scientology Studies
Jeffrey explains how just the education he’s received through Scientology Courses has benefited him immeasurably.

On Honest and Happier Life
The Scientology religion has given me the knowledge to know what it is I need to do to live a happy life. It has, in my opinion, gotten me back on track to making sure I live an honest and fun life without harming myself.

Jerry Cruz can Assist his Friends
I have been able to clear myself to a stage where I can assist others with their problems. I can help them because I can recognize when they have problems.

Adam Guidry, Enjoys Life
I did not enjoy life. Now that I am a Scientologist, I not only enjoy life, I play with it.

Kenneth Allen Kleinpeter, Saved his Marriage with Scientology Spiritual Counseling
My wife brought me into the church so we could work on our marriage, which was in bad shape. We did the marriage counseling and it really helped a lot.

Chris LeGrow, Overcame Shyness
Chris describes how the Scientology religion helped him put sense into his life and overcome shyness.

JoAnn Price Overcame an Abusive Childhood
JoAnn left her harmful childhood experiences behind thanks to what she gained from Scientology applied religious philosophy.

Amber Denell Gatzke Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy
Amber discusses how Scientology training has helped her get over her shyness and improve her grades in school.

L.D. Sledge, Credits the Scientology Religion for much of his Success
L.D. covers how Scientology technology has been a major factor in his success as an attorney, and novelist. “It has shown me the way to personal peace of mind and happiness.”

Lambert F. Sools Jr., a Scientologist
The Scientology Personal Efficiency Course has enabled me to live a better life with my fellow beings.

Jay Gill Recommends Scientology Training
Jay says you can not go wrong with any Scientology course that might interest you.

Clif Davis 25 years as a Scientologist
Clif talks about how he learned about the Scientology religion and how he has used it successfully in his life for nearly 25 years.

Scientology Training gave Brandon Lachney Direction in Life
Brandon learned a lot about himself, others, and his environment. He now has a vision of where he wants to go and with Scientology technology he knows up is the direction he is headed.

Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy Pulled Max out of the Rat Race
Max describes how Scientology technology gave hope and purpose to his life. Before he was caught up in the “rat race”, pre-occupied with work, finances and day-to-day survival.

Kyle Craig Gatzke, a Scientologist
The Scientology religion helped me choose friends more wisely and it keeps me out of trouble.

Scientology Training Straightened Out Debbie Thibodeaux’s Life
The Scientology religion helps Debbie to keep her marriage strong, keeps her family feeling cared for, safe, and happy. “It keeps my business successful and gives me a roadmap and an instruction book for life.”

Scientology Courses Helped Susan Zalunardo
The courses that I have taken have been very valuable to me each and every day. I use the knowledge every day at work and home.

Scientology Administrative Technology Helped
I have used Scientology technology in many areas of my life with great success. Initially, I applied the administrative technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Mark Gale Feels Young Again
Scientology training gave Mark back the calmness and vigor he had as a young person. “It showed me a way to look at life and gave me answers that fit my life.”

Cathy Davis Helped Others Through the Scientology Purification Rundown
I have helped people enrich their lives with a program that cleans drugs and other harmful substances out of the human body.

Toni Diez Known Where He’s Going
Toni found hope through the Scientology religion. “I’ve only been here for a short time but I know without a doubt where I’m going.”

Gerri Golashesky, a Scientologist
After graduating, I was hired by a successful businessman, a Scientologist of many years. I admired his ability to comfortably communicate. He was completely professional and truly interested in others.

Scientology Techniques Helped Me Succeed
I’m a field representative for a market research firm. Using the Scientology technology, I’ve learned has helped me to be successful in what I do in any given situation.

Eve Davis, a Scientologist
Eve can get along better with others. Scientology training also improved her ability to study.

Bob Viator is More Confident in Life
What being a Scientologist has done for me is to help me rid myself of past failures. I am much more confident and happy in life because I don’t fear my own judgment and am not defensive about what I believe.

Chuck Thibodeaux Recommends Scientology Training
Chuck discusses how he can state with absolute certainty that there is no man, woman and child on earth he would not want to have all the gains he has had from L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics and Scientology technologies.

Scientology Communication Course Helped Maurice D. Shannon III
Maurice learned skills that allow him to communicate with his children, friends, and acquaintances on the Scientology Communication Course. “Yes, these are skills that must be learned.”

Scientology Study Course Helped Amy T. Gyorgy
One of the first courses that I took at the church was a course called the Student Hat. It gave me the tools that I needed to be able to study any subject and be able to apply it.

Linwood Pace IV on the Scientology Communication Course
Some of my best successes are that I am now able to communicate better in life. After doing some courses about study I am able to study a lot better.

Brad Muro Shares What he Learned from Scientology Studies
I believe my greatest success as a Scientologist is the realization that we all have it in us to handle life, to be pro-survival, and to do it with lots of love and discipline.

Mike Conrad, a Scientologist
Mike had many successes with Scientology technology, but his greatest success is knowing that any aspect of life can be improved.

Scientology Course Helped Carlton be More Comfortable
Carlton Humble can be much more comfortable with others since taking a Scientology Communication Course

Lin Pace Turned Her Life Around
Lin credits the Scientology religion with helping her resolve family and drug issues.

Karon H. Vice, a Scientologist
I found the Dianetics and Scientology technology truly brings families back together.

Jeb Wright, Understands People Better
Jeb was unsure of himself and always wondered why certain people and things would upset him before studying the Scientology religion.

Basic Scientology Courses Improved Peter’s Life
The Scientology Communication Course and Personal Values and Integrity course got Peter off to a great start.

Ron Liuzza, DDS, a Scientologist
I have been able to smile and enjoy and handle my daily life.

Success in Life
Glenn has had great successes using Scientology technology.

Christine Landry Overcame the Ups and Downs in Life
A Scientology course helped Christine overcome mood swings.

Michael Walet Shares What he’s gained from Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy
Michael has improved his life with Scientology technology.

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