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Vad är Scientologi?

Scientologin: Dess bakgrund och ursprung
Scientologins: principer och till?pning
Scientologins tj?ster
Kaplan- och pastorstj?ster samt Scientologins etik- och r?tssystem
Scientologins effektivitet
Scientologi-kyrkorna och deras versamhet
Sociala Reformer
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)
Samh?lsf?b?trande verksamhet
Fakta om Scientologin och dess expansion
En katekes f? Scientologin
L. Ron Hubbard
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Steve Hobbs, talks about Dianetics
Steve talks about how his success with Scientology technology began the day he read Dianetics. “I was forever a changed man.”

Scientology Training Helped Colin Burr
In 1997, I joined The Church of Scientology of Cincinnati in Ohio to continue my training, and I have continued to have really profound wins.

Angela LeMay, Making a Difference as a Scientologist
When Angela realized the powerful tools available through Dianetics and Scientology technology and what this means to the declining society that we all live in she knew this was the answer.

Linda Pennington, on Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy
Linda discusses how Scientology technology has changed her life tremendously. “Life is great when you understand it and can live it, instead of being totally effect of life.”

Michael Gatza, Shares His Scientology Success Story
Michael would like to share his success from Scientology technology with you. He is WINNING. Scientology technology has made it possible for him to totally control every aspect of his life.

James Adams, Praises Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy
James talks about how Scientology technology, “helped my life in so many ways.”

Maria Michalack, on Scientology Study Technology
Maria’s biggest success with Scientology technology has been through using L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology.

Bert McBert Used Dianetics Counseling With his Wife
I left the Air Force in 1958, met my wife and we had two daughters. I found the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and did the procedures successfully with my wife.

Dave Maggard, No Longer Has to Worry
“All my worries have been eliminated.”

Brian Richardson Read the Dianetics Book
Brian read the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental health and contacted the nearest of the Scientology Church, which totally changed his life for the better.

Diane Nixon, Found Answers in the Dianetics Book
Diane mentions that her first success with Scientology technology was from reading the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. “It answered so many questions for me, like why people do the things they do.”

Overcoming Unwanted Emotions
Using Scientology technology, Steve was able to get rid of unwanted painful emotions that were stopping him from enjoying his life. “I feel much more alive and alert and I’m more in control of my life.”

Pat Gosselin, Gained Happiness
Pat discusses how Scientology technology made him happier in all aspects of his life.

Kean Heck, a Scientologist, Understands People Better
Kean talks about how in a nutshell, Scientology technology has enabled him to relate to people. “It has given me the understanding to know about myself and others.”

Scientology Course Helped Musical Abilities
I’m in a band. I took the Success Through Communications Course and it really helped me to communicate.

Peter Brand, a Scientologist Tells Some of his Successes
Peter experienced relief through the application of Scientology applied religious philosophy.

Jeff Tyler: Life Keeps Getting Better
Jeff talks about Scientology technology making life get better and better. “I realize there is a piece of technology for every situation, and you simply have to apply it.”

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