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Scientology Spiritual Counseling Increases Self Respect
Since receiving auditing (Scientology spiritual counseling), my self-acceptance and personal happiness are at an all time high.

Chris Wertin, a Scientologist
My greatest success in Scientology is in understanding communication and using it in all aspects of my life.

Eric Wertin Applies Scientology Principles at School
Thanks to Scientology technology, Eric is able to get along better and do better in school. “I apply it in my life every day in school and in my life.”

Mark & Cathy Manroe a Scientology Couple
Mark and Cathy mention how their greatest success with Scientology technology has been their wonderful journey of self-discovery.

Casey Cox Success with Scientology Techniques
Casey Cox uses Scientology Techniques every day to improve his own life and to help others.

Scientologist — Rick Mendel
Rich discusses how Scientology technology has changed his life for the better. “It has made my life easier.”

Josh Stephens, a Scientologist
The Scientology technology has made Josh’s life better in every aspect. “I am happier, in better communication with the world, and surviving better.”

Fay Magerowski now a Good Student
Fay likes the Scientology technology because it has helped her to be a really good student. She can study anything and it’s fun. She did not always feel that way about school.

Using Scientology Study Technology
Scientology Study technology has enabled me to learn anything. I wasn’t a very good student in my younger days, and was very frustrated about education.

Scientology Principles Work
Michele talks about how she knows it sounds trite and unbelievable, but what Scientology principles have done for her has saved her life.

Ted Nelson Getting on Better with People
Learned the technology of how to study, I learned how to communicate (a tool I use extensively in life). I learned how to understand people better, which increased my ability to be with people.

Scientology Religion Offers Spirituality
Kim can’t say enough great things about Scientology technology. “I have gone from being with little or no hope, to knowing that the spirituality I had been looking for all my life is now at hand.”

Monica Biddle, a Scientologist
Scientology technology helped a shaky marriage, turned around a life that was going downhill, handled my son through a painful accident...

Melanie Wertin’s Life and Marriage Saved
Melanie talks about how she has been a Scientologist for 11 years. “It has literally saved my life and my marriage.”

Dianetics Book Helped Carl Warner
Carl describes his first big success with Dianetics technology came in the summer of 1950, after reading Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

David Sullivan Helps Others with Dianetics Techniques
I was so fascinated by the Dianetics Book that I didn’t put it down for days. I found out why I had trouble making my goals and found things I could do to help others when they came to me with their problems.

Handling Life’s Problems
Since Brandy has been involved with Scientology technology, she has learned lots of things about herself and how to handle situations or problems that come up.

Scientologist Assisting Others to Improve
I tried to help people before, but always fell short. With what I’ve learned, in a very short amount of time, I’m assisting others to improve their lives and I just love it.

John Beachy Handling Unwanted Conditions
I have found through the study and application of Scientology technology that any unwanted condition or situation that I encounter not only has an explanation, but also a solution.

Scientology Methods are Tools for Life
Shari mentions that Scientology technology has been truly the way out of the oblivion for her. “It has given me the tools to deal with any situation that occurs in my life.”

Mike Boydston Helping People
Mike uses Scientology technology and he has been able to get in better communication with his family and friends. “I have learned ways to help people when they have trouble dealing with hard times in their lives.”

Richard Atwood Jr. Discovers the Scientology Religion
Richard discusses how Scientology technology has helped him with his temper and making better friends. “I am new, but I know it is for me.”

Scientology Technology Employed in Music Field
Dennis talks about how besides using Scientology technology to better his life and job, he also uses it in song writing and playing his guitar.

Lisa Clark Joins Wichita Scientology Mission
When I first walked into the Wichita Scientology Mission I was simply looking for some happiness in my life. I have found that.

Self-Growth Journey
Vickie discusses how Scientology technology has given her a starting point for her journey of self growth. “I now make better decisions and it is easier for me to communicate to people.”

Stephanie L. Nelson, a Scientologist
Stephanie mentions how Scientology technology has made her happier, healthier and more successful than she ever could have been without it.

Chad Roberts Learning to Help as a Scientologist
I’ve learned how to learn and how to help others to learn when they have difficulties. I’ve began to open my eyes to the world and the society around me.

Tom Gill Improves Communication Skills
It’s a developing process. I’ve improved my communication skills a great deal.

You’ll see a Difference with the Scientology Principles
Marge now has motivation to accomplish more instead of just sitting around. “I can also see a big difference in my husband who is much more outgoing. We have been married for 64 years and I know him very well.”

Handling the Problems of Life
Michelle talks about how Scientology technology has given her the tools to handle any/all problems of life. That alone has helped her in her job, relationships, family and goals.

Ryan Brannon Overcame the Ups and Downs
I did the Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life course. I have a better understanding of people that I felt were giving me a hard time. I learned how to handle and understand people better.

Scientology Technology Helped Mark’s Life
Mark talks about how with the help of Scientology technology he is happier and more hopeful for his future than ever before. “I was able to get rid of unwanted thoughts and habits that were wreaking my life.”

Robert J. Seaman Jr., a Scientologist Succeeding in Business
Robert mentions how his successes with Scientology technology are many. Scientology technology has had a positive effect on every aspect of his life, including his personal life, his business, and his family life.

A Scientologist Applying Scientology and Dianetics Techniques
Pat Drake talks about how he is at the forefront of Scientology technology, as far as training and processing is concerned. “I have experienced many successes that have made me a more capable person.”

Scientology Spiritual Counseling Results in Personal Freedom
Katrin mentions that her successes with Scientology technology stem from the courses that she has taken and the counseling that she has received. “I know that I have found the true path to freedom.”

Nathan Huff Now a Success
Since I have become a Scientologist I have learned how to go about being successful at whatever I do, time and time again, and the fear of failure has disappeared from my life forever.

Raising Ethical Standards
John states that Scientology technology has helped him to be a better communicator and a more ethical person. Scientology technology is a vast source of inspiration and insight, and a continual upward path.

Marcia Kelley at the Wichita Scientology Mission
My husband and I decided at the first of 1998 to make changes. We started taking courses at the mission of Wichita, KS. I can say that I started applying it immediately and I got a very positive results.

Scientology Course — Success Through Communication
The Success Through Communication Course gave me a technology that I can use every day. I use the techniques in communication and have come to realize that very few people truly communicate.

Susan Moser, New Scientologist
I am a fairly new member so I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I do know that with the experience I have had I would like to know more about it and how I can improve my life.

The Scientology Religion is Non-Denominational
Scientology Philosophy can produce in you the ability to be a better Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Taoism, Buddhist or the ability to just be and feel yourself as an immortal spirit.

Janice Kinzel in Control
Janice mentions that although she has had many successes with Scientology technology, she thinks she can pin point an underlying factor in all. “I should be a spiritual being in control.”

Erich D. Altermann, a Scientologist
Erich has been successfully applying Scientology principles to all aspects of his life. You can find out more here.

Ann Wheton, a Beginning Scientologist
Ann mentions how she is a beginner in the Scientology religion. “I read some books that belong to my husband and used them in my college classes.”

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