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Vad är Scientologi?

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Criss Farmer, a Scientologist
Criss talks about how over the years, as a result of Scientology procedures she has been able to help her family and friends through many difficult situations.

New Horizons with Scientology and Dianetics Training.
Scientology and Dianetics training opened up areas of my life I never knew existed.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology
I have been a Scientologist for approximately two years. I find L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology to be a great help in my work.

Scientology Philosophy Helps George Vasquez
George Vasquez has had many successes using the Scientology and Dianetics technologies.

Brian Dawson, Studying Scientology Principles
Brian talks about how the Scientology religion has given him the meaning of life and he has learned how to enjoy it. He gets so much more out of life since studying Scientology principles.

Dianetics and Scientology Methods Changed Alisha’s Life
I have learned so much about myself and others. It gave me a whole new perspective to learn why people do the things they do and how to take charge of my life.

Hugh Partridge, a Scientologist
Hugh talks about how Scientology technology has helped him to view life optimistically and to have more tolerance for his fellow man.

Scientology Spiritual Counseling
Tim talks about how it is great to see others improve their lives through the use of Scientology spiritual counseling. “After 20 years of counseling others I know I can truly help people.”

L. Ron Hubbard’s Courses
I have enjoyed the information I have received from studying a couple basic L. Ron Hubbard courses. I have a few more tools than before to use when studying any new subject.

John Weed, a Scientologist
John talks about how in using Scientology technology he has been able to understand people better. “This has made it very much easier to solve problems with work and my family.”

Bill Moore Doing Better at Work
Bill talks about how before Scientology technology he had trouble following through on prospects for work. “Now, I have the ability to carry out more easily my intentions not only in work but in any facet of life.”

Scientology Religion is Good
Compliments and high-spirited statements have been received about me. I have certainly found something very good here.

Brian Numley, a Scientologist in Control of his Life
I no longer worry, I am in control of life and that makes life interesting and fun.

Ylva Balazs Playing the Game of Life Well
Ylva talks about how Scientology technology provided a way out of the continual problems that confronted her and her family. “I realized that life was a great game, if I just decided to play it.”

Using Scientology Ethics Principles
There is a large amount of information that I’ve obtained over the years as a Scientologist. The area that stands out the most deals with ethics.

Pat Wagner, a Scientologist
Pat talks about what Scientology technology gave to him was love; the hope of love and the belief of love.

Helping Others with Scientology Technology
My interests are computers and the Scientology technology. My success has been and continues to be my greater understanding of people and how to help them the right way.

Sarah Miller, Appreciating Others
Sarah mentions how Scientology technology has helped her communication with other people, helped her to think better and remember better.

Scientology Marriage Counseling and Course
After taking a Scientology course in marriage and getting some Scientology spiritual counseling we got married 6 months later and have been happy ever since.

Scientology is an Applied Religious Philosophy
Jim mentions how Scientology technology is not something you have to believe in, it is an applied philosophy, something you do to benefit your own life in your own estimation. You are the judge.

Jennifer Hills, a Scientologist
Jennifer expresses that through Scientology technology she’s learned how to deal with people and situations in her life more positively. “It has given me the certainty that there are solutions to the problems we face in life each day.”

Lin Nightingale, did the Scientology Purification Program
I have rid myself of the harmful effects of drugs and toxins and have much more energy. I have also gained an understanding of why people do the things that they do.

Matt Logmann, a Scientologist, Happy and Healthy
Matt talks about how his successes with the Scientology technology have been many and continuous. “I’m happier than I have ever been, and healthier.”

Sheree Perfetti Using L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology at Work
In October, I began training because the company I work for uses L. Ron Hubbard’s administration technology. Right away saw this not only applied to my job, but to all areas of my life.

Rex Layton Handled Problems with Scientology Solutions
I used to worry about everyday problems a lot, but now I’m actually looking for ‘problems’ to solve so that I have a more challenging life.

John C. Maus, Overcomes Fears and Apprehensions
John talks about how his biggest success with Scientology technology was getting rid of his fears and apprehensions.

Mary Jane Luniewski, a Scientologist
I’ve become a much more competent person since I’ve been in Scientology in 1975.

Stephanie Maus uses Scientology Studies to Improve Grades
Scientology courses have taught me a lot of things about how to handle other people and myself in certain situations. It has helped me in school a lot, I can study easily and I get better grades.

Triona Murphy, Getting Along with Others
Scientology technology increases Triona’s ability to get along with others. Before she would have been described as shy, fairly unsure of herself, and not really able to contribute to group discussions or activities.

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