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John Cowden, a Free Being
When John Cowden found the Scientology religion, he had been looking for a way to become free as a being and help others go free. “I knew there was a way and I found it.”

Scientology Technology Helping Relationships
Myron Thompson has been using Scientology technology with great success for over 20 years. Due to the application of Scientology principles, he has a terrific relationship with his wife and kids.

Member of the Church of Scientology Hawaii
I enjoy being a Scientologist and hope to help others lead a better more wholesome life, which I found in the Church of Scientology of Hawaii. I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

Scientology Handbook Course
In January I started the Scientology Handbook Course. From the first day I was applying L. Ron Hubbard’s tech to my life I started feeling a lot better and had a greater understanding of life.

Sakura Thompson, a Scientologist
At a young age I was curious and wondering why the “adults” around me behaved as they did. Life just got more complicated after that. I found the Scientology religion and now I understand.

Scientology Technology is Phenomenal
Cheryl said that she can’t begin to say or express how much Scientology spiritual counseling helped her, her family and her happiness level. “Suffice it to say it’s phenomenal.”

My Success as a Scientologist
My success has been outrageous. I’ve had success left and right, I’m enjoying every day. It has made my life so much easier just by applying L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

Scientology Spiritual Counseling Handling Major Problems
I’ve had many realizations and recently I handled something that was a major problem in relationships, it was constantly haunting me. Scientology spiritual counseling cleared it up.

Scientology Communication Techniques Work
I can really communicate to people. I use Scientology communication techniques at work, home, and my daily life with great success.

Fay Maxson, a Scientologist
When she first became a Scientologist, Fay was not able to communicate, she was painfully shy. Using Scientology techniques, she is now able to talk to others freely and comfortably.

Joe Miskowiec Finding Answers
Joe talks about how the best thing he likes about the Scientology philosophy is that by learning it he has reduced the “maybes” in his life.

Achieving Goals with Scientology Technology
Marcia Moreno has taken many Scientology courses and through the years they have enabled her to achieve her personal goals.

Scientologist Paul Dolan’s Page
With the ideas and technology for life as written by L. Ron Hubbard, we can all be free of suppression and live in affluence.

Percy Wong Increasing Knowledge
Scientology technology provided Percy Wong with the knowledge and skills to handle various areas of his life better. “I have a greater understanding of people and why they behave as they do.”

Dianetics Book Answers Questions
His first success came when he read Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. The book by L. Ron Hubbard really answered many questions for him.

Scientology Ethics and Administration Technology
Tom Ritchie explains that his success with Scientology technology is beyond easy description. “Every part of my life has been expanded by my application of the technology of Scientology ethics and administration.”

Scientology Communications Skills
Tyrone mentions how Scientology technology has really helped him out in his communication skills.

Scientology Courses Strengthen Marriage
Karen and John Atkinson have a closer relationship as a married couple with the help of Scientology courses. They communicate better with each other, with friends, family and with others.

Success with Scientology Courses
I have done a lot of things I never thought I could and I’m on my 4th course. From doing these Scientology courses I am closer to my friends and family.

Scientologist Mike Mau
This is how I would state my success using Scientology technology: I feel comfortable and certain with myself, my family is running smoothly and my business is doing well.”

Scientology Marriage Counseling
When he first became a Scientologist he was married to his present wife for about a year. They were ready to get a divorce. This was handled with Scientology marriage counseling.

Check out the Scientology Religion for Yourself
There was a lot of bad information about the Scientology religion in the papers and the stories were so outrageous Pat decided to check it out for himself. He found the stories untrue and became a Scientologist.

Steve Brown, a Scientologist
I’ve learned how to improve my finances, my job, myself, my home and just about anything that I want to see improved, simply by learning how to do it and then just plain going out and doing it.

Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy
Alvin Shigemura covers how he applied some Scientology technology and came out a much better person with a better understanding of what was going on with work, family and friends.

Scientology Training Improving Life
Conrad Theiss talks about how he is rebuilding his practice using Scientology technical principles. He also applies this training to improve his personal life.

Scientology Ethics Made me a Better Person.
Ikaika doesn’t get into as much trouble now and lives a better life without committing harmful acts. Scientology ethics standards helped her.

Study Technology Helps Scientology Member
Scientology study technology has helped me with my grammar, communication and meeting new people.

Churches of Scientology Deliver Communications Course
He heard about a Communications Course given at Churches of Scientology and enrolled. “I came to understand the basics of communication and the only stumbling block to a happy career as an instructor was completely removed.”

Scientology Life Repair
Before I became a Scientologist I had a lot of upsets in my marriage and in my professional life. I completed my ‘Scientology Life Repair’ and it made a tremendous difference for me.

Cliff Craigie - Master Mariner - Scientologist
Without L. Ron Hubbard’s technology I never would have risen to the responsibility of Vessel Master, in charge of the lives of 28 people and cargo of over one million barrels of crude oil.

Scientology Technology Broadens Horizons
I am wide open to the world and everybody in it, and from what I’ve seen that’s the doorway to anything and everything.

Using Scientology Principles in Life
I use Scientology principles in every aspect of my life: business, relationships, and just day-to-day living. It really has made a difference. I hope you’ll check it out. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Using Scientology Processes to Control Anger
Denise Griffith found the Scientology religion in May of 1990, and took the first course giving the first effective techniques for anger management and a workable philosophy towards life.

Scientology Study Technology Helps Schoolgirl’s Grades
She’s still learning a lot and right now Scientology principles help her in her studies. “It showed me how to study the right way and I’m getting straight A’s in all my subjects in school.”

Shyness Overcome with Scientology Communication Course
Scientology technology has helped Sandra Lee a lot in life. “I used to be very shy. The communication course helped me in that area. I feel I can learn anything I want to. I am an able person.”

L. Ron Hubbard’s Student Hat
I just recently completed a course called, the Student Hat. This is an excellent course on all of the study technology that Mr. L. Ron Hubbard developed.

Gaining Self Respect
Learning the Scientology ethics technology was a really big help in life. It helped me to be ethical and I’m doing good now.

Beginning Scientology Course
A beginning course in communication when I was 19 changed my life forever. It gave me the ability to confront and communicate with people and gave me hope for the future.

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