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Vad är Scientologi?

Scientologin: Dess bakgrund och ursprung
Scientologins: principer och till?pning
Scientologins tj?ster
Kaplan- och pastorstj?ster samt Scientologins etik- och r?tssystem
Scientologins effektivitet
Scientologi-kyrkorna och deras versamhet
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World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)
Samh?lsf?b?trande verksamhet
Fakta om Scientologin och dess expansion
En katekes f? Scientologin
L. Ron Hubbard
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Scientology Religious Device Works
Carlos Alvarenga saw someone from a Scientology church giving a stress test. When he was asked to take one too he saw that the machine used was able to register his thoughts. Read about it here.

Scientology Technology in the Workplace
Carole Smith talks about how Scientology technology has improved all areas of life. “I am in a much better position at work than I was when I started.”

Bob Forrest Took a Scientology Course
My best friend and probably the only person I respected enough to listen to had decided to take his first Scientology course. His endorsement allowed me to overcome my resistance to trying something new.

Dianetics Book Helped Joseph L. Burns II
Reading Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science really helped me with the restoration of my ability to control and enjoy my life. It opened the door to a wealth of information and technology that improved my life, my family - my mother and I became the best of friends.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Book Provides Answers
For the first time in my life I’m finally getting the answers I’ve been looking for. L. Ron Hubbard paved the way. I personally recommend you read Scientology: A New Slant On Life.

David Tidman, a Scientologist Helping Others
I learned the single, simple, embracive delight of being able to help my fellow man. Suddenly I was no longer alone on this planet, and felt I had returned to being a member of the human race.

Scientologist, Benjamin Burgess
Benjamin Burgess has been leading a much more successful life since finding out about the Scientology religion in DC.

Scientology Technology Aids Self Confidence
Scientology spiritual counseling boosted Harvey’s self-confidence and belief in his ability to handle his life. “I can enter into any new situation, personal or professional and just know that I can make it work.”

My Experience with the Scientology Religion
Markus E. Schneider relates how he became involved and his personal experiences with the Scientology religion in DC. Read about his successes using L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

Scientology Upbringing
Ashlee talks about how she’s been a Scientologist all her life and it’s not news to her. “I use it all the time.”

Scientology Spiritual Counseling Handled Problems
Cynthia McIver talks about how Scientology spiritual counseling has given her solutions to life’s problems.

Christian Uses Scientology Principles
Isaac Armstead describes how using the Scientology technology has helped him add insight to his Christian beliefs and get more enlightened about his ideas in relation to Christianity, thus making his life more rich.

Wade Taylor, a Scientologist
Talking about how he’s had a great time doing Scientology courses, Wade Taylor says that with the Scientology religion his life has changed for the better.

I Learned Scientology Communication Skills
Now I am an able communicator and I prosper better now than ever before.

Scientology Personal Efficiency Course
The Personal Efficiency Course was very informative and it helped me. It gave me tools to keep my spirits high and think positively.

Scientologists Gain More Understanding
Gordon Diachenko expresses how he has achieved a sense of balance from the Scientology technology. It has taught him to better understand his life in this physical world.

Raymond A. Workeman Reads Scientology Literature.
For years Raymond was looking for agreement with various books he had read about life and when he became a Scientologist, he found that agreement. L. Ron Hubbard’s works really validated what he had found to be true in life.

No Longer Failing in Life
I began in 1994. At that time, I had a failing business, a failing marriage and most importantly no hope of improvement. This was all turned around.

Depression Help
Following Jessica Messner’s involvement in the Scientology religion, she is no longer the very depressed and unhappy person she used to be. Now things are different.

Scientology Course Helped Paul Feser
Taking “The Key to Life,” a Scientology course, gave me a clean understanding of grammar, and greatly improved the confidence I have in my own writing.

Practical Answers from Scientology Course
Ed talks about how he took his first Scientology course almost twenty-five years ago. He was nineteen at the time, and his interest in matters of life, the mind, and the spirit was guiding him in search of practical answers.

Mary Stanley Recommends Scientology Services
Mary Stanley tells about how she could go on for hundreds of pages about how the Scientology technology has helped her in many aspects of her life.

Following L. Ron Hubbard’s Teachings
Growing up during World War II, Barbara Hodgdon used to wonder where she came from and where was she going to. Then she discovered L. Ron Hubbard’s technology and the answers flooded in.

William Stanley, a Scientologist from D.C.
Find out about William’s personal experiences with the Scientology religion. See the groups he supports here in his personal web site, along with further information about the Scientology religion.

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